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Unidentified Footprints

This an image of unidentified footprints from the area around Dammion's car. They have never been forensically tied to anyone in this case, as far as I am aware.

These are the images of Dammion's shoes from when his body was discovered.

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Well Visconti said some of the wrestlers came to get him after one of them couldn't wake up Dammion. Visconti said when he arrived at wrestlers house Dammion was on the floor between a bed and the wall, he claims to have left to get help but when he got back Dammion was gone and the story he was given was that the wrestlers went to get rid of him and wipe down the car. He also said he wasn't ready to "throw anyone under the bus" until he graduated. Well I believe that time has come and gone.

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Was this in the podcast or something you heard? Also, was this before or after the fliers advertising the reward money were released? Visconti was my TA when they announced Dammion's death and he seemed fine.


Footprints next to Dammion's car do not match Dammion's tennis shoes. And Gary Heard was told Dammion's RA at WSCU was Michael Visconti.

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Where does this come up in the podcast? Just curious because I know Visconti. He is not a good guy. He has a criminal record as well in Granby

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