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Season 2: The Life and Death of Jennifer Harris

Season 1: The Life and Death of Dammion Heard

Jennifer Harris was 28 years old when she disappeared on Mother’s Day 2002. Jennifer was recently divorced and had moved in with her grandmother in her hometown of Bonham, Texas.

On the final night of Jennifer’s life, she left the house to visit a friend. She never returned. Her body was found one week later by a fisherman in the Red River.

This 12-episode podcast will reconstruct the final days of Jennifer’s life and follow the investigation into her disappearance and death.

The secrets in Jennifer’s case have been hidden for 20 years. It’s time to finally discover: What happened to Jennifer Harris, and who should be held responsible for her death? Season 2 is available now, everywhere you listen to podcasts.


Dammion Heard was a freshman wrestler at Western Colorado University who went missing after an off-campus party in 2014. His body was found four days later in a remote location. 


After a 6-month investigation, Gunnison Police ruled Dammion’s death a suicide. The facts of the case – including that Dammion was found without his jewelry or any cash in his wallet – raise many questions that have never been answered.


This 12-episode podcast reconstructs the final days of Dammion’s life and takes listeners through the complicated investigation to better understand what factors led to Dammion’s death and who, if anyone, should be held responsible.

Seasons 1 and 2 available now on your favorite podcast player
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