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The Cabin Creek Turnoff

Several listeners have asked for pictures and videos of the location where Dammion Heard's body was found in Gunnison, Colorado. It's a place locals refer to as "The Cabin Creek Turnoff," and it is at the intersection of Highway 50 and Bureau of Land Management Road 3107. It's right across the highway mile maker for 164. There's gate and cattle guard at the entrance.

Google Maps has a hard time finding this location. These are my own videos and photos from June 2020, and I also posted photos from the original police file, taken April 2, 2014. You will notice that when I visited, the gate was open, but when Dammion's body was found, the gate was closed.

This is the tree where Dammion's body was found hanging. The specific branch was cut off.

This is the branch that was cut off to remove Dammion's body.

This shows the death scene close up, and the rock ledge where hiker Linda Nienhueser told police she saw a figure crouching with binoculars.

These are original police photos from April 2, 2014, when Dammion's SUV and body were discovered.

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