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Season 1 Update

Hi everybody, I just wanted to take a minute to update you guys and let you know that I have been sifting through all of your tips and leads. Thank you so much for the time and attention you have paid to the podcast and for contributing your own theories on the case.

Every time you share the podcast, it expands the reach of Dammion's story and increases the chances that someone who knows something will come forward. I've heard from so many people who were involved in the case that the way they discovered the podcast was someone sending it to them.

I've been working on leads about the tools in Dammion's car, the white truck at Cabin Creek, and a possible connection to the maroon SUV that Gunnison resident Matt Marvel spotted on Monday, March 31st, 2014. The most promising development to me, however, is the involvement of Dr. Claire Ferguson in Queensland, Australia.

Dr. Ferguson, as you recall, is a world-renowned expert in crime scene staging. In 2016, she published a study titled, "Getting away with murder: an examination of detected homicides staged as suicides." I featured her in Episode 13, Part 2: New Research. She called Dammion's case fascinating and said it had many common elements found in staged homicides. Dr. Ferguson also pointed out elements she considered indicative of a suicide, and was intrigued by both theories of Dammion's death.

After the episode aired, Dr. Ferguson asked me to send her Dammion's complete case file. I digitized all the records that I had from the Gunnison Police Department, and she is in the process of reviewing it. I look forward to sharing Dr. Ferguson's complete thoughts with you in a future episode.

Until then, don't hesitate to reach out if you have any information. And please keep on sharing, reviewing, and linking to Final Days on Earth!

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