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  About Final Days on Earth  

Final Days on Earth is an investigative podcast franchise. Each season examines mysterious deaths that have elements of an accident, murder, or suicide – and sometimes all three.


On Season 1: The Life and Death of Dammion Heard, experienced crime producer Claire St. Amant investigates the baffling disappearance of a college wrestler after a party in 2014 in Gunnison, Colorado.

On Season 2: The Life and Death of Jennifer Harris, St. Amant dives into a 2002 cold case murder investigation in the small town of Bonham, Texas.

On Season 3: The Life and Death of Greg Williams, St. Amant re-examines a complicated murder investigation from 2011 in Keller, Texas. Nothing is as it seems at the crime scene, and Greg's case is just the beginning of the story.


Her thorough reporting gives listeners a front row seat in a compelling case where nothing is as simple as it seems. In the end, the audience will have all the tools they need to reach their own conclusion about the cases she covers, and who - if anyone - is responsible.


Each season utilizes police interviews with witnesses, as well as original interviews conducted in real time as the podcast is being produced. 

Meet The Team

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Claire St. Amant

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A story hunter with a passion for true crime, Claire St. Amant is the writer, producer and host of Final Days on Earth. She has produced for CBS News on 48 Hours and 60 Minutes.

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Susan Passoni

A former sales and marketing executive-turned-award-winning podcaster, Passoni is the editorial consultant for Season 2. She also writes and produces Complicit: A True Mystery Podcast.

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Lucy L. Scott

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A writer and producer with 40 years experience across network television, Lucy L. Scott is an award-winning storyteller. She is the editorial consultant for Season 1.

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